48,000 Academic Workers are ON STRIKE!

We are fighting for a UC that centers workers in its mission to deliver world class education and research.

We are fighting for a UC where first-generation scholars do not have to go into extreme debt so that highly-paid administrators can live in publicly-funded mansions. We are fighting for a UC in which workers are free from harassment and discrimination and earn enough money to live without excessive rent burden. We are fighting for a UC in which parents can raise their families without working second jobs, and everyone has access to sustainable and affordable transportation options. In short, we are fighting for a UC that works for its students and workers.

48,000 Academic Workers are coming together to use our contracts as a tool to build a more equitable UC. Stay up to date about what is happening at the bargaining table and how we can collectively move the needle toward improved rights and benefits. Read more about out our core demands in the Core Demands menu above.

Stories from our 2022 campaign for a fair UC