About Us

We are academic workers at the University of California organized within UAW 5810, UAW 2865 and the newly-formed SRU-UAW. We are Postdocs, Academic Researchers, Graduate Student Researchers, Trainees, Fellows, Graduate Student Instructors, Readers, and Tutors. And we are united in our demands for a fair workplace. 

We teach the classes, grade the papers, and perform the cutting-edge research that has earned UC its reputation as the best public university in the world and the global leader of R1 research institutions. In short, UC works because we do.

This year, all 48,000 of us will bargain four separate contracts with UC with the aim of making the University live up to its promise of being an engine of economic and social equity in our state. And for the first time, we intend to coordinate our contract bargaining so that all academic workers can overcome our unfair working conditions. UC’s bad policies—a lack of paid family leave, a failure to address the housing crisis, a refusal to confront serial abusers, and discriminatory fees for international scholars—are holding too many people back. We see our contracts as powerful tools we can use to ensure that academic workers are valued and empowered to fulfill the mission of UC as a truly public institution.

Professional Researchers, Student Researchers, Project Scientists, Specialists, Postdocs, Readers, Tutors, CPPs, TAs. 48,000 Strong