Climate & Transportation Town Hall

To combat climate change and reduce emissions, 48,000 UAW-represented Academic Workers are demanding:
  • Free public transit passes for all workers who want them
  • Cash incentives to commute via sustainable means
  • Subsidies for the purchase and maintenance of bikes and e-bikes
  • Improved campus cycling infrastructure

Thank you to everybody who joined the 9/28 Town Hall!


BREAKING – New research from the USDOT confirms that our transportation proposal is the most effective and equitable commute policy for reducing vehicle miles traveled.

The crisis is urgent

California has set ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight human-caused climate change. The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state is the transportation sector, and personal vehicle (SOV) use is the largest contributor to transportation emissions. Unlike other greenhouse gas emissions sources, transportation emissions are higher today than they were 10 years ago. 

Workers face burdensome commutes

The high cost of housing forces Academic Workers to live far from their workplaces. Workers who choose sustainable commuting options face costs that are not covered by any existing UC benefits, such as occasional rideshare or bikeshare rides at times transit is not running reliably, or the purchase and maintenance of bikes and e-bikes. The accumulation of these costs means that for many workers, sustainable commutes become financially burdensome.

UC must step up

As the state’s largest employer, UC contributes greatly to California’s greenhouse gas emissions. Through their existing commutes, UC’s 48,000 UAW-represented Academic Workers currently generate over 1,000,000 vehicle miles (VMT) in SOVs per week. This number does not include the 100,000+ non-UAW staff and the 200,000+ UC undergraduates. There is no way for the UC to become a truly sustainable institution without addressing this fact.

A photo from the UAW climate/transit town hall at which workers are raising their hands to indicate UAW's proposed transit benefit would influence their commute choice.

Workers at the 9/28 Climate & Transit Town Hall raise their hands unanimously when asked if UAW’s proposed transit benefit would influence them to choose cleaner commutes.