Unfair Labor Practices

The UAW and the University have been bargaining since Spring of 2021. Over the course of negotiations with each four bargaining units, the University has taken a wide range of unlawful actions. Under the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA), employers must meet a variety of legal obligations when bargaining with unions. The University has failed to meet its obligations by: 

  • Unilaterally implementing changes regarding compensation, appointments, transit, bullying protections, and more. 
  • Bypassing the bargaining process by announcing changes and instituting policies outside of bargaining
  • Refusing to provide necessary and relevant information regarding bargaining topics and bargaining unit members
  • Directly surveying bargaining unit members about bargaining topics 

We have responded through a legal process adjudicated by the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). Under the law, a Union files a charge with PERB describing the unlawful behavior and the employer has a right to respond. If PERB finds enough facts to suggest that a ULP may have been committed, they issue a “complaint.” 

Scroll down or click to see the charges the Union has filed for each of the bargaining units, the University’s responses (where they have even bothered to respond), and PERB’s complaints to UC regarding nearly all topics that the Union has filed charges on.