Berkeley, CA – Five days into the largest strike of the year and the largest strike ever at an institute of higher education, here is where things stand:
  • Classrooms and labs remain closed across all ten campuses.  

  • Tens of thousands of UC workers have walked picket lines.

  • Support poured in from faculty, elected officials, the university community and workers across the country. 

  • The California Federation of Labor, which represents more than 2.1 million workers statewide, sanctioned the strike. Construction workers, delivery drivers, professors, and thousands of other university workers refused to cross picket lines.

  • The University went from refusing to meet, to agreeing to meet for two hours at a time, to finally agreeing to day-long negotiations. 

  • UAW remains ready to meet for round-the-clock negotiations but UC has not agreed to schedule sessions for the weekend.

  • UAW has filed 4 additional Unfair Labor Practice charges against UC for unlawful intimidation of striking workers and unlawful interference in the bargaining process through direct-surveying of bargaining-unit members

  • Press outlets covered worker’s concerns, the state of negotiations and the strike’s momentum.

Workers will be back on the strike lines Monday morning.


We have reached agreement on a few issues – such as health benefits improvements for Postdocs – which, while important, are not the major ones dividing the parties.

UC made another economic proposal to Academic Researchers containing 4.5% raises that do not match the rate of inflation