Victory! Historic protections against bullying will be enshrined into all four UAW contracts, establishing the right to real recourse for 48,000 workers.

The Respectful Work Environment article, which makes abusive conduct & bullying a violation of our contract, has reached tentative agreement. This groundbreaking victory will give us the ability to seek real recourse through our grievance procedure. Specifically, the article guarantees:

  • Clear timelines to investigate and resolve abusive conduct under the grievance process including appeal to third-party arbitration if necessary,
  • A strong definition of abusive conduct with clear examples of abusive behavior that will allow us to enforce protections,
  • Worker-centered protections and interim measures – for example, a worker can work from a different lab or work remotely while their issue is being resolved,
  • Secure protections that prevent UC from changing definitions or resolution procedures unilaterally.

This historic win is a direct result of mass collective action by all UC Academic Workers. 

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