UAW Multi-Unit Statewide Strike Picket Information

Academic Workers are beginning Week 3 of the largest higher education strike in US history. UC has continued to engage in unlawful behavior, preventing agreements on fair contracts. But our strike is not letting up. On Monday, November 28th, we will hold the following strike events which all are invited to attend:

    • Bay Area/Northern California: Rally and March to the UC Office of President. Meet at 1pm at Snow Park (at the corner of 19th Street and Harrison) in downtown Oakland and march to the UC Office of the President at 1111 Franklin Street. 
    • Santa Barbara: Rally at 12pm at the Chem Lawn (just south of Physical Science Building North).
    • UCLA: Rally and march against retaliation. Meet at 1:30pm at the Inverted Fountain at UCLA.
    • UC Riverside: Rally and march to the Chancellor’s mansion. Meet at 1:30 on the lawn south of Sproul Hall.
    • UC Irvine: Rally and march to the Chancellor’s mansion. Meet at 12pm at UC Irvine Engineering Hall.
    • UC San Diego: Rally and march meeting at Geisel Library at 1pm.

If you are an academic worker, you can sign up to be a strike captain here, and encourage your colleagues, students and friends to join the picket line as well! For remote shifts, please sign up using your campus form and check the “remote” option.

Academic Worker Picket Shift Sign Up Forms:

(For UC Academic Workers only)

Picket Schedules and Locations:

(All are welcome to join us on the picket lines!)

UC Berkeley & Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Shift Schedule:
AM: 8AM – 12PM | PM: 1Pm – 5PM
Bancroft & College: Law/JSP, Center for Environmental Design, Vision Science, Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, Art Practice, SSEAS, Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures, African American Studies, Music, Haas
Hearst Mining Circle: Chemistry, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Bioengineering (Stanley Hall Labs), Statistics, Math, Materials Science & Engineering, Economics, Chemical Engineering, Biophysics
Bancroft & Telegraph / Sather: Undergrad Tutors, Physics, School of Information, Languages, Ancient Greek & Roman Studies, Astronomy, History, English, Linguistics, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, IRLE, Rhetoric, Theater Dance & Performance Studies, History of Art, Film & Media
Hearst & LeRoy: Etcheverry, Data Science, EECS
North Gate: Geography, Earth & Planetary Science, Social Welfare, Goldman School of Public Policy, Journalism
West Crescent: Agricultural & Resource Economics, Energy & Resources Group, ESPM, Molecular & Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Plant & Microbial Biology, Integrative Biology, Computational Biology, Nutritional Science and Toxicology
Shattuck/BWW: Psychology, Public Health, Education, EECS (BWW labs/groups), Molecular & Cell Biology (IGI labs), Plant & Microbial Biology (IGI labs), Chemistry (IGI labs), Bioengineering (IGI labs)
LBL Blackberry Gate: LBL Postdocs and Graduate Student Research Assistants
LBL Grizzly Gate: LBL Postdocs, LBL Graduate Student Research Assistants, Space Sciences Lab, Lawrence Hall of Science

UC San Diego

Shift Schedule:
AM: 8AM – 12PM | PM: 12Pm – 4PM
BRF2/Biomedical Sciences Way (health sciences workers, BMS, BioE, BISB, Bio, Neuro, Clinical Psych)
Muir College courtyard (Applied Physics & Math building): Math, Psychology, Linguistics
Salk & Sanford: Salk and Sanford workers, BMS, BioE, BISB, Bio, Neuro
Warren Bear: CSE, ECE, BioE, Teaching & Learning Commons, MAE, MATS, CSE, ECE
Structural and Material Engineering: MAE, MATS, Nano, Structural, Visual Arts, Music
Social Sciences Building: Anthropology, Sociology, Ethnic Studies, Political Science, GPS, LAS, Rady
Ridgewalk Academic Complex: Philosophy, Literature, History, Education, CogSci, Econ, Comm
Urey/Tata courtyard: Chem, Physics, Theatre, Bio, Neuro


Shift Schedule:
AM: 8AM – 12PM | PM: 12Pm – 4PM
Broad Art Center: AAP, ALC, Anderson, Architecture and Urban Design, Art, Athletics Peer Learning, Communication, Design/Media Arts, English, ELTS, Spanish and Portuguese, TFT, WAC/D, Writing Program
Bunche Building: African American Studies, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Asian American Studies, CCAS, Classics, College Academic Counseling, Comparative Literature, Economics, Gender Studies, Geography, History, International Institute, Law, Linguistics, Luskin, NELC, Philosophy, Political Science, SEEELC, Sociology
Inverted Fountain: Education, Information Studies, Psychology, School of Music
Engineering VI: AOS, Engineering, EPSS, IoES, Math, Physics and Astronomy, Statistics
Gonda Building: Biosciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry, EEB, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health

UC Davis

Shift Schedule:

AM: 9AM – 1PM | PM: 12Pm – 4PM
Russell & College Park/Howard Way
Hutchison & LaRue

UC Irvine

Shift Schedule:
AM: 8:30AM – 12:30PM | PM: 12Pm – 4PM
Engineering Hall: MAE, CEE, EECS, MSE, CBE, APEP, BME, Anthropology, Economics, Sociology, Global Studies, Language Science, Logic & Philosophy of Science, Computer Science, Informatics, Statistics, Law, Cognitive Science
Flagpoles by Aldrich: English, Comparative Literature, History, Spanish & Portuguese, German, Dance, Drama, Music, Art, Business, Education, Visual Studies, Culture & Theory, East Asian Studies, Philosophy, LARC Tutors, Writing Center Tutors
McGaugh/Bio Sci 3: Chemistry, Physics, ESS, Neurobiology, Dev Cell, MBB, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Public Health, EHS, Psychological Science, UPPP, Social Ecology, CLS, Pharm Science, MMG, Physiology & Biophysics, Biological Chemistry, Anatomy & Neurobiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Experimental Pathology, MCSB, Nursing, School of Medicine


UC Santa Barbara

Shift Schedule:
West Campus (rotating locations on the primarily Humanities/Social Sciences side of campus)
Center of Campus (area between the Arbor and Davidson Library)
East Campus (rotating locations on the primarily STEM side of campus)


UC San Francisco

Shift Schedule:
AM: 9AM – 1PM | PM: 1Pm – 5PM
Mission Bay: Genentech Steps
Parnassus: Entrance to Medical Sciences Building

UC Riverside

Shift Schedule:
AM: 9AM – 1PM | PM: 1Pm – 5PM
Locations: Note! On Monday UC Riverside will only have a single picket location at the campus drive and University Avenue intersection.
The lawn south of Sproul Hall across from the Barn [Google Map Location]

UC Santa Cruz

Shift Schedule:
AM: 8AM – 12PM | PM: 1Pm – 5PM
Main Entrance
West Entrance

UC Merced

Shift Schedule:
AM: 8AM – 12PM | PM: 12Pm – 4PM
University Plaza (in front of the Admin Building)
Lake Road / Bellevue Road
Kolligan Library
Between COB1 and SE1