UAW and UC Move to Mediation to Resolve Outstanding Disputes

At a bargaining session on Thursday afternoon, University of California negotiators told the UAW bargaining team that they would no longer be making new proposals in bargaining, and reiterated their request for voluntary mediation to resolve outstanding issues. The UAW bargaining teams met this morning to consider this offer, and a majority voted to proceed with voluntary mediation. 

“Throughout the bargaining process, UC’s negotiators have consistently been unprepared and unserious, and have broken the law repeatedly. We feel that in order to make progress, it is time for somebody else to step in,” said Tarini Hardikar, a Bargaining Team member from UC Berkeley. “Our goal has always been to make UC a more just, equitable place to work – a place where everyone, not just those with independent or generational wealth, can participate. We look forward to working with a professional mediator to resolve the issues still on the table. Until then, we remain on strike.”

For more information and an explainer on voluntary mediation, click here. You can follow along with bargaining updates here